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Aug 22  # 1 of 4
I just stumbled on the Thyme For Cooking, the blog, You ought to be impressed with the wild French recipes there but if not, then at least spend a little time enjoying the artistry of the the pictures. :) It's very creative cooking, to say the least. A little international flair.
 Posted By: Jafo232 
Aug 22  # 2 of 4
Love French food! I find a lot of it is a bit too rich for my blood vessels but from time to time you have to splurge. :)
 Posted By: spiceplace 
Aug 25  # 3 of 4
One of the most amazing things that the internet has done is reduce the separation of the world. Some call this globalization, but I love to cook and learn new recipes. I find it to be so cool to be able to read home cooking recipes from some part of the world thousands of miles away.

Here's a recipe I found today from a South African blogger for roasted butternut squash, with spinach and feta cheese. Sounds very Greek to me. Yet it's a recipe from a gal who lives 10 thousand miles from Greece. I just think that is so cool to find people sharing recipes like this.

Now, hopefully she'll share her friends lamb sosaties recipe that went with the butternut squash!
 Posted By: goodshyqtgurl 
Oct 12  # 4 of 4
Thanks for the site.. good one!