Posted By: Jafo232 
Feb 20  # 1 of 14
We are beginning to plan our annual (9th) St. Patty's day party.

So far we have invited about 50 people.

The menu is very early, but the usuals will be there:
  • Home made corned beef (we corn it ourselves), slow cooked in whiskey and beer (corning recipe) (corned beef recipe)
  • Soda Bread
  • Dill potatoes
  • Baileys Cheese cake (recipe)
  • Golumpkis (ok, not irish, but it has meat and cabbage so what the heck) (recipe)
  • Irish Stew (recipe)
This will be the first year I get to enjoy it with the bulk of my family since we moved back home last year. We still have quite a few things to add to the menu, but an aunt of mine wants to cook some stuff for it, so I am going to try to come up with some off the wall Irish inspired things for her.

Guess I better get my liver out of my safe deposit box too.. :D
 Posted By: chubbyalaskagriz 
Feb 20  # 2 of 14
Sounds delish, Jeff!

I haven't given nearly enuf thought to the holiday yet- and I need to! I love corned beef n' cabbage! Could eat a big ol' plate of it any day of the year!
 Posted By: The Ironic Chef 
Feb 20  # 3 of 14
You get 50 of my family and friends together for a St Patty's party, you'd just be asking for trouble once the beer started flowing.
The menu sounds excellent Jafo
 Posted By: cucinadinana 
Feb 20  # 4 of 14
I LOVE corned beef, but rarely make it. Thank Jafo for the info - may have to give that a whirl this year. The last time I made something like it, it was late October (years ago), and I used a pumpkin ale. I know - sounds strange, but it turned out remarkably good from what I can remember.

 Posted By: jfain 
Feb 20  # 5 of 14
I love my St Patty's Day Menu so much I make the same thing each year. I do smoked trout on apple wedges for appetizers, then Irish Pub salad,corned beef with horseradish sauce, Irish Pub salad, Caramelized cabbage (I hate boiled cabbage), Champs, gluten free soda bread and then I do tend to shake it up for dessert. I've done strawberry and irish soda bread ice cream, bailey's pudding and far breton to name a few.