Posted By: lucasantoro 
Dec 16  # 1 of 20
Hi all,

since i said i was busy preparing my daughter birthday party, i want to share the buffet "menu".

Sweet italian Salame
Spicy Italian Salame
Mascarpone with anchovies paste
Puff pastry mini pizzas

First courses:
Cannelloni with Porcini
Cannelloni with Pesto

Main courses:
a whole sucking pig
sausage sandwiches

Side dishes:
Beans (i call them spaghetti western way)
Cime di rapa (which in english should be turnip's plant and flowers)
Scarola with Anchovies, olives, raisins... (sorry i haven't been able to find a translation for scarola, it is a kind of lattuce)

Lucker tort (a slight variation of Sacker Tort)
 Posted By: Cook Chatty Cathy 
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Wow what a FEAST indeed!!!! I was surprised and delighted to see some things on your menu that I myself prepare and eat, such as turnip greens and roots, beans and such! I am interested in how you prepared your beans {spaghetti way?} it sounds different and I would like to try it as I love beans. If you find the time to share please do! And suckling pig OH MY!!!!
 Posted By: Dixie Girl 
Dec 16  # 3 of 20
Yea, the "whole sucking pig" made me smile:p Sorry but I have to ask, was it served with head still attached? We cook our pigs on cookers outdoors all day, how do you prepare yours?

 Posted By: lucasantoro 
Dec 16  # 4 of 20
Normally it should, but i severed the head (saving the cheeks) because it didn't fit the swiss oven.

i'll provide you and Cathy the recipes in the following days...
 Posted By: mrsjimmyp 
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Wow! Sounds like a great party and great food ! Bet your Daughter loved it.