Posted By: lcsamano 
Dec 19  # 1 of 11
This year we are having ham for Christmas. However, I need to get another meat. We are not really turkey people so turkey has been ruled out. I was thinking about a roast or even a rack of pork.
 Posted By: medako 
Dec 19  # 2 of 11
We're having ham and chicken and noodles. My mom hates making a turkey, so she'll avoid it almost all costs.
 Posted By: Paprika 
Dec 19  # 3 of 11
We have had christmas every year of my life at grandmas and this year its at mums. I fly down there on saturday and because mum hates cooking I will be doing most of it. Im thinking pork, but I wouldnt mind doing some seafood on the barbecue with lots of yummy salads and vegies. MMM...
 Posted By: Mama Mangia 
Dec 19  # 4 of 11
we usually make roast beef each year in addition to other meat and all the homemade pasta - we get a big one and then make a big batch of gravy and freeze packages of sliced beef in gravy for future meals or for sandwiches
 Posted By: tofumonkey 
Dec 20  # 5 of 11
hmm, something light that's white meat?

i guess grilled fish would be good?

cos of all the heavy eating during christmas and all the different food,
it might be good to have some lighter food?