Posted By: rt49andellis 
Aug 31  # 11 of 15
My advice is figure out which one you want and then go look for it on ebay!
 Posted By: muslgrl 
Aug 31  # 12 of 15
OH My God don't replace it Deep frying is so unhealthy
 Posted By: Raquelita 
Aug 31  # 13 of 15
I thought deep fat fryers were a fire hazard? In any case, I wouldn't ever buy one b/c we don't do a lot of frying of foods.
 Posted By: deelip 
Sep 1  # 14 of 15
That do not make good foods also. And thats hard to cook with also.
So i dont like that.
 Posted By: Big Daddy's Kitchen 
Aug 23  # 15 of 15
Also, Presto has some nice ones.

But it all depends on what you're looking for; Small, large, lots of bells & whistles, no frills, fancy, plain, etc.. For Presto's product, go here; Presto® Pressure Cookers and Electric Appliances .

You'll have to shop around to see just exactly what's out there. Also, if you have just a 5-qt or 7-qt covered cast iron Dutch Oven for now, that'll do nicely as well.