Posted By: Katiecooks 
Apr 9  # 1 of 5
Has anyone tried the new ceramic knives that seem to be all the rage lately? I've gotten a ton of emails from various companies hyping these knives and they sound wonderful but they're expensive and I'd love to hear from someone who has tried them out before I shell out the money to get one. :)
 Posted By: TJ Staff 
Apr 10  # 2 of 5
Have used the ceramic paring knives....seem to work fine. Not sure how long they will keep an edge as they are failry new.

Will be interested to see other comments....hopefully, there will be a few.
 Posted By: ChileFarmer 
Apr 11  # 3 of 5
I have never used one, I think it may be just a fad type thing. I have some really nice knives as I use them a lot. I believe some will buy them because of not knowing how to sharpen a real knife. I will admit all metal knives are not created equal. CF:)
 Posted By: Johnny West 
Sep 6  # 4 of 5
I had one and it was razor sharp. It got thrown in the sink too much and was chipped. One day it was dropped on the floor and the blade broke in half.
 Posted By: SilverSage 
Sep 6  # 5 of 5
Dropping is a real risk with ceramic knives. Once they chip or break, they can't be repaired. Imagine if you dropped it on the first day you got it!

That said, Ming Tsai uses them. I think he may be one of the reasons they became popular.