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During the holidays do you tend to bring out the good silverware or do you choice to use your everyday silverware? I usually use my everyday silverware however, this year, I am thinking about bringing out my good set of silverware that was handed down to me from my Great-Grandma.
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Use your good stuff!

You are here to use it - why save it??

If anything were to happen to you - could you honestly say you had gotten your use out of it? Is there anyone who would appreciate it when you are gone that would use it?? Or would it end up at a garage sale somewhere?

Please don't think I am harsh - I'm not.

I've had to bury too many family members including those who liked to keep things new and save them - for whoever or whatever reason. They never enjoyed things that were precious to them. They would be packed away on a shelf or whatever - and now they are gone - never getting to use or display these things. Why? Waiting for that special time to use it.

There is nothing wrong with using and appreciating these things. I am one who always cherished what was handed down - all those wonderful memories. And taking care of these things to keep them as perfect as possible. What for?

Now I use everything - and you know what? If something should happen and it breaks - at least I know it was something that I got to enjoy or use for the time that I had it. That heirloom tablecloth gets a nasty stain - oh well. There may be something you can do to hide it.

Why should something that was passed down or cherished end up in a pawn shop, getting stolen, lost in a flood or fire, etc. without you having the chance to enjoy it. These items are still well taken care of and carefully put aside for when they are not used.

Good dishes, silverware, etc. should be used for holidays, Sundays, special occasions, birthdays - you name it! I don't care if you have a Groundhog's Day party and use it. Give your family memories of these things.

Someday you or one of your loved ones will not be here to enjoy it.

Like a close friend of mine who insisted that no one would sit in her living room - it was picture perfect and it was going to stay that way - forever. Too bad her husband died without ever getting to sit on the furniture he bought! Now - her living room is for anyone to sit in. Does that make any sense? What a way to learn a lesson. You want a perfect living room - clean it daily - that's the way I see it. Is that "perfect" room cleaned enough to keep out the daily dust???

Did you ever see the email that was going around a few years ago about a woman who bought a very special article of clothing that she left wrapped in tissue paper in her drawer for "that special occasion" and her husband ended up giving it to the undertaker for her to wear in her casket??? Nice time to finally wear it, huh??

Think about it................

Okay - I've said enough - but in short - USE YOUR GOOD STUFF AND ENJOY IT!!! Have many happy memories with it all! And some day your loved ones will share all those memories with everyone.
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Thanks you were very inspirational in your post. I have decided to use the good silverware as well as the China that my mom passed down to me. I think I might even use it as everyday silverware every once in awhile.
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Good for you - and may you and your family enjoy it for a long time!! Remember - it was meant to be used and enjoyed!
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I always have dinner at my moms. She has special silverware and plates. I don't personally own any kind of special dishes yet. Now you are making me want to go shopping for that special set. :)