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Please do not put wooden boards in dish washer due to thE effect of the hot temps and prolonged time being wet.
Also do not use oils which can go rancid such as conola,olive,vegetable.
The best thing i have found is mineral oil.
E mail me if you would like to buy a hand made board.
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Hi everyone,
I'm a cooking fanatic and whenever I see a new "gadget" I just HAVE to have it. Pampered chef came out with a plastic board that has a cut-out at one end for snapping in measuring cups. You can measure 1Tbsp., 1/3 c., 1/4 c., 1/2 c., or 1 cup increments. There are 3 "bowl" shaped plastic thingys that snap into the end one at a time or all 3 at once for storage. It makes measuring after chopping a breeze. I love this new board, but I love ALL pampered chef supplies. (sells for $30) While I am speaking of that brand, they have a new type of knife out now that is the only one I ever use. I stopped using my Rada knives to switch to these. My favorite is the "Color Coated Santoku Knife" which was only $16.00. I just wish I would have bought a bigger one as well. I also HIGHLY recommend the "Mix 'N chop". It's made for ground beef. You stir the ground beef and use this cool new tool for breaking up the meat as it's cooking. ($9) I got my mom one too and she loves hers as well. Maybe I should start selling Pampered Chef...LOL... I would save some money...:p
Sorry for rambling...
Happy Holiday Baking everyone. I'm going at it almost 24/7 now.
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Also have a wooden cutting board that has been around for awhile. We keep it clean and its very sturdy. :)