Posted By: Mrs. Chipotle 
Nov 5  # 11 of 18
Grilled eggplant is yummy! I found some baby ones and made them last Valentines Day. They were very elegant looking.

I also salt mine before cooking to draw out the water. (Not when grilling over the grill, but when I use them in baked dishes such as eggplant parmesan.)
 Posted By: mtmomj 
Nov 5  # 12 of 18
Everyone in my family loves eggplant parmesan. I have never personally made it, but I get it a lot when we go to a local Italian restaurant.
 Posted By: ButtrflyDreams 
Nov 6  # 13 of 18
Hmmm...I don't know if I've ever tried eggplant. I'll have to try some of the recipes in here & see if I like it. Thanks for all the recipes.
 Posted By: Twinmama 
Nov 6  # 14 of 18
Eggplant parm is SO good. It tasted nothing like I expected it would...but I mean that in a good way.
 Posted By: lcsamano 
Nov 9  # 15 of 18
I have never had eggplant but have heard that it is good either grilled or in eggplant parmasean. I will have to definetly true it since majority of the people here said it was good. Are there any like good herbs that you should use if you grill it.