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Tiramisu is the new trend these days & can be used for desserts in a variety of forms.
It's an Italian dessert which is now being used by almost everyone for wedding cakes, cheese cakes etc. Coffee flavored tiramisu is a very widely found dessert. Tiramisu cake is not baked with alcohol in it. However, the soaking syrup uses Kahlua, rum, brandy or sometimes other coffee liquors. An interesting fact, the literal translation of tirami-su'
is pick-me-up'
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Hmm interesting. Unfortunately I am not a big fan of tiramisu. There´s way too much sugar in it.

Greetings from Sweden

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 Posted By: mamma_nee 
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I love tiramisu .... not alot of sugar if your the one putting in the sugar :) I hate very sweet desserts as well ...You get the PICK ME UP from the very strong expresso coffee that goes into it .
 Posted By: Johnny West 
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Ja, love the booze and espresso in mine,
unfortunately Mrs W can't have caffeine so
rarely get it unless it is on a dinner menu
- brandy on the side, please.

Another good one is Biscuits Tortuni (sp?)
and will see if I can find the recipe for that.
If not, I have a copy of Mama Leone's cookbook
and her recipe is to die for. Lots of rum.