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What's the best way to peel potatoes? You might not understand the commentary, but watching it alone will let you know the best way to peel a potato.

I tell you, it's remarkable! See the video here.
 Posted By: tinker 
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For those of you who can't open the video (I still recommend that you watch it though--it's awesome), here are the steps:

Make a line on the potato before boiling, and after boiling, put the potato into ice water for 10 seconds, and you should be able to peel the skin easily. You don't need to worry about potato becoming cold or hard to be mashed. It remains hot enough to be processed after that.
 Posted By: spiceplace 
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Thanks Tinker!
I couldn't understand a word said on that video but it didn't really matter. It's amazing how easy that was to peel a potato by slicing the line around the potato, boiling and then dropping into the ice water. We use a similar technique to peel tomatoes for canning but tomatoes don't need the preliminary slicing of the skin.
 Posted By: ainjel 
Jun 29  # 4 of 11
I've heard of this in the past and have been so tempted to try it. I hate peeling potatoes when I make mashed potatoes. It's nice to see it in action and have proof that it really does work!
 Posted By: GregGraves 
Jun 30  # 5 of 11
That's fascinating that you can peel a potato so quick and easy. Too bad the commentary wasn't in english.
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