Posted By: TexasRose 
Aug 3  # 11 of 21
Seems it's almost unanimous; I prefer Kingsford as well. Although, I'm not sure if that is for a particular reason or just because it's what I and my family have always bought.
 Posted By: cinnamon 
Aug 6  # 12 of 21
I like Kingsford. Why? If you try the store brands they don't light right. In a pinch I'd buy whatever was available, but with a choice, I buy Kingsford. It's just so easy to light and burns long.

Anyone still have a Habachi? (Not sure of the speling) :) We had one growing up and it was this wonderful little grill with 8" x 8" grates that you could adjust the levels on and so cook slower or faster as needed. If I remember right, I think we even boiled water for tea on it. And it didn't really need more than a couple handfuls of charcoal to do it.
 Posted By: Kaabi 
Aug 30  # 13 of 21
I actually like propane a lot better, clean, smooth running. But charcoal is good too, things actually taste different if they are grilled differently.
 Posted By: tgoforth1984 
Mar 17  # 14 of 21
We have always used Kingsford or Matchlight. No one listed Matchlight, am I missing something?
 Posted By: oldbay 
Mar 17  # 15 of 21
My only experience with Kingsford Matchlight resulted in a lighter fluid tasting meal. I'll admit I only tried it once and can't remember the circumstances so it could be my fault in not letting the coals heat up enough.

I like either Kingsford or real wood charcoal and vary between where I am and what I'm cooking. For windy places, it's easier to get real wood charcoal going and where the wind is calm the Kingsford cooks longer without adding more fuel.