Posted By: ricksrealpitbbq 
Nov 3  # 1 of 3
Tonight we are having what I used to cook up at the farmers market for samples

I've had the thighs marinating in a mixture of terriyaki sauce and bbq rub this afternoon. I used the hibachi tonight

here they are marinating

And almost done

Ahhhhhhhhhh the money shot
 Posted By: Cook Chatty Cathy 
Nov 3  # 2 of 3
Oh my gosh those look so yummy!!! We have 2 pkgs legs thawing out right now, I think we have got to have them tomorrow night just the same way you fixed the thighs!

The ribs were so good everyone loved them! I love the flavor of the rub. I can see that it would be good on everything!!!
 Posted By: Buttah Pats 
Nov 3  # 3 of 3
Looks terrific!