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I have 4 children and pleasing them is very hard when it comes to cooking dinner. Do you have any suggestions for kid friendly dinners? I keep telling them that I am not Burger King and they can't have it their way. However, they dont seem to understand.
 Posted By: vp311 
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I've found that any kind of "finger food" usually works pretty well.
 Posted By: Mama Mangia 
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Kids can be a handful because of these fast food places. Unfortunately - most kids would prefer fast foods or those frozen kiddie meals to a regular meal. You can get around that by making their meals "kiddie friendly".

If you are making chicken for the family - cut small pieces for them, bread or batter the pieces and bake them. At least they are eating healthier - chicken nuggets at these fast food places are filled with phosphates, fillers, etc. Make dipping sauces for them (I have recipes if you need them) and they can enjoy that. Slice potatoes and cut into fancy shapes using cutters and bake as well. Better than deep fried all the time.

Shape ground beef into fingers and roll in flour and skillet fry or bake.

Cut fish fillets into fingers or chunks, bread or batter and bake.

Easy mac and cheese - cook pasta and add a bit of butter and Cheez Whiz.

Buy pasta that is shaped in rings like spaghettio's, or goldfish, the alpabet, small stars, etc. and add to tomato soup. Or add rice.

Cut carrots, sweet potatoes or regular potatoes into fingers and steam.

Make your own french toast sticks using texas toast; make pancakes in fingers or small rounds. Dot your griddle with 2 dots for eyes and a smile; cook a few minutes before pouring more batter over - with practice you can make smiley pancakes.

Sometimes 2 fried eggs for eyes, 2 breakfast sausage links for a smile and 2 rounds of toast (cut from a slice of bread with a biscuit cutter) spread with strawberry or raspberry jam/jelly will make rosy cheeks.

I would have to fix a plate of fingers (chicken or beef) with a small dipping bowl of sauce in the center and the fingers placed around like the sun rays and a cut out baked potato slice between each ray. Using an oval plate gave me a chance to place carrot fingers on one side and a veggie on the other side.

Meatballs always tasted better when they were "baby" ones. I would make big batches of meatballs for the freezer and they were easy to warm in gravy or sauce.

We all eat with our eyes - but I think kids are worse than adults! Pretty or different looking ways of presenting foods can also make a difference.
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Make dinner fun - let them help out. I found that Mac and Cheese or anything with noodles always works for my daughter. Like Mama Mangia said, presentation is key for children.
 Posted By: vp311 
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My daughter is 2 and a half. She loves to help me cook, any little bit at all. Any meal that she can help me out she always loves to eat.