Posted By: Angewl_73 
Dec 31  # 6 of 38
I usually dont plan what we are having. Kids are always so picky, it is hard to make all of them happy.
 Posted By: pinkperson 
Jan 10  # 7 of 38
Yes, it is really hard to make the kids eat dinner. So to make the kids in our house eat dinner, my mom usually cooks hotdogs, spaghetti, corned beef, fried chicken and sometimes eggs too. Then she usually has chocolate drink or brownies for dessert. But there are also times (when my mother is angry) that she lets my siblings eat whatever food is served on the table.
 Posted By: Leneyloo 
Jan 10  # 8 of 38
My mom always had a good amount of mac & cheese on hand just in case my (very) picky little sisters didn't feel like eating what was for dinner that night. As they got older it because their responsibility to whip it up if they didn't want what she was making.
 Posted By: sarahlorrain 
Jan 10  # 9 of 38
Sometimes, when I'm feeling lazy, I'll heat up a big can of baked beans, or ranch style beans, make some mac & cheese, and some corn or green beans. Every one loves it. Tonight we are eating at church so I don't have to make dinner. Last night I just threw some fish sticks and tator tots in the oven because I had to do my grocery shopping. I was tired and didn't feel like cooking!
 Posted By: medako 
Jan 10  # 10 of 38

tonight is mommy's night off! I'm going out to dinner with my mom and brother and leaving hubby & Jack at home to fend for themselves! (I have a feeling it'll either be leftover mexican pizza or frozen bean burritos)