Posted By: Patricia D 
Jul 8  # 1 of 12
Hi this is Patricia. I would like to tell Mama Mangia, thanks for the recipe, it was amazing.
Got another question for you. Do you know what is the percentage of people who eat cakes?
 Posted By: Mama Mangia 
Jul 9  # 2 of 12
Patricia - You're very welcomed and I am glad you enjoyed it! As far as percetages go - I've only met 2 people in my whole life who do not like cake - not much of a percentage is it??
 Posted By: cheeseonaplate 
Jul 10  # 3 of 12
The percentage of people who don't like cakes... i wonder myself..probably those who have strict diets. What are your favorite types of cakes to bake out of curiosity??
 Posted By: Patricia D 
Jul 10  # 4 of 12
Hi Mama Mangia:

My favourite type of cakes are as followings:

Carrot cake
Cheese cake
Chocolate cake
Pound cake with Icing

Actually I am planning on opening a Bakery. If you have any tips for me please let me know.

Thank you
Patricia Demeritte:):)
 Posted By: chubbyalaskagriz 
Jul 11  # 5 of 12
I too love cakes- both baking/decorating them, and eating them.

I love cake ice-cold right out of the fridge with a tall glass of chilled milk.

I'll eat a pan-cake baked in a 9X13 rectangle or a loaf pan, but I love tall layer cakes best with lots of gooey frosting between the layers... (so the frosting really has to be delicious- not all sugary, crisco-y, or foamy like some are!)

My favs are: chocolate/chocolate, chocolate/mocha, caramel-apple, carrot, coconut, german chocolate, my Mom's orange-sherbet/dream-sickle cake, pound cake and other naked bundts- so heavy/moist/rich they require no frosting at all!

I've never had any entreprenual spirit, but if I won the lottery, my fantasy business would be the coolest, most eclectic "cakery" ever. My dessert-restaurant would look high-end but casual feather-boas, thongs, flip-flops and roller-skates would be allowed (!!!). I'd have awesome art and furnishings, incredible and diverse music, and old black & white DVD's playing on a big screen of "I Love Lucy" and "Laurel & Hardy" with the sound muted. I'd also sell books and work of local artists on consignment, so diners would be surrounded by many forms of creative inspiration... There'd be huge glass chill-cases housing beautiful confections on display and people would be willing to pay a thousand dollars a slice for a wedge of frosted heaven-on-earth, so that I could meet my overhead!