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Well, this is a little dish I like to make from time to time. It is not hard to fact it is SOOOO much easier than making traditional enchiladas. I used to make enchiladas the "real" way, but one day I was tired and didn't feel up to I made this variation. It is made with basically the same ingredients as normal enchiladas with some added items. I use a 13x9 glass cassarole dish for mine.

1. Taco-seasoned ground beef (cooked) or chicken (cooked) - whichever you prefer
2. LOTS of fresh shredded cheese - 1-1.5lbs less depending on how much you like
3. Refried beans - 1 can (heated makes them spread easier)
4. Mexican rice
5. Flour or Corn tortillas - whichever you prefer
6. Enchilada sauce (red or green) - I like red for for chicken
7. Chopped Onions, Tomatoes, and Bell Peppers - optional

Ok, basically rather than rolling them up and having rice and beans on the side, you layer everything and add the rice and beans into the layers. I start with layer of tortillas. I then spread beans on them and top beans with enchilada sauce. Next, add a layer of cheese, layer of meat, layer of rice, sprinkle in veggies. Add another layer of tortillas, and start process again. Top with lots of cheese and bake on 350 until all cheese is melted and top tortillas are slightly browned (20-30 mins maybe?...never really payed attention). I like to get about 2 layers of each item, then top with remaining cheese. Serve it up with a heaping helping of sour cream....yum yum. It tastes just about like normal enchiladas, but is SO much faster to prepare.

Try it sometime and let me know what you think!