Posted By: ButterSticks 
Aug 26  # 1 of 4
4 hamburger patties-ready to grill
4 slices white cheddar cheese
4 slices watermelon about the same size as the burgers, seeded
1 tablespoon ground pepper
4 toasted buns

Makes 4 Burgers

Grill the hamburgers almost to desired doneness but 30 seconds before they are done, place a cheese slice atop each burger. Place the watermelon slices on the grill and dust with the pepper to taste. Assemble the burgers on the buns with a slice of warmed watermelon on each on top of the cheese.
 Posted By: ButtrflyDreams 
Aug 28  # 2 of 4
Hmmm...Now I know I like burgers, & I know I like watermelon...but I'm not sure I want to eat them together. LOL I might give it a try though. I try very hard not to say that things sound gross until I try it. LOL Sometimes it ends up being the best thing you've ever eaten.
 Posted By: muslgrl 
Aug 28  # 3 of 4
wow that sounds different
 Posted By: clara 
Aug 29  # 4 of 4
Watermelon and burger sure sound different, I wanna to try that though. I've tried burgers and pineapple and they sure tasted great!