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I'm putting this under the beef column since all the pork in my area has been brined (full of salt) so I will need to make it out of anything but pork. Wouldn't mind a good breakfast sausage recipe either. Anyone have a good one please let me know.
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JP, I have plenty of sausage recipes, just let me know what you like. For fresh pork sausage I use pork butt, if they have not been pumped. You could also buy some ground pork, kinda pricey but is ground fresh. CF
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Hello CF and thanks for the reply. I'm looking for a normal type of sausage I could use for gumbo and red beans and rice plus a breakfast sausage would be a nice change from my low sodium diet. However, all the pork in my area has been brined (full of salt) and I will have to make it out of beef or venison. :( Any recipe you have would be appreciated. Thanks.
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JP, you thinking links or bulk sausage, Smoked or raw. Another source for plain ground pork (not brined) would be maybe a local processor. I will go through my beef and deer recipes today. CF
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I have made this one using beef or goat, more to come. CF
Syrian Sausage
2 lb Leg of lamb; ground once
2 tb Fresh tarragon; chopped
2 ts Ground coriander seed
1 ts Allspice
2 tb Red wine
1/4 c Pine nuts
1 tb Salt
1/2 ts Pepper
5 Feet narrow sausage casing*
Butter and olive oil
6 Individual pita rounds
1 Bunch coriander; chopped

*Note: If you wish to skip the casing step, form the sausage meat into
patties and saute until brown.

To make the sausage meat, combine the first eight ingredients in a
large bowl. Mix well with your hands. Using a sausage stuffer or a
pastry bag, stuff the casings, twisting every 3 inches.

Saute the sausage in a mixture of half butter and half olive oil until
brown, turning occasionally. Serve in pita rounds, sprinkled with
plenty of chopped coriander. Makes 6 servings.