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Apr 24  # 1 of 5 the way my Mom made it.

She often ladeled the steamed spears w/ "egg gravy".

She'd prepare a bechamel (she called it "white sauce" ) and add sliced hard-boiled eggs into it. (I upgrade her bechamel to a "mornay" by adding a touch of cream, a few grates of nutmeg and a hand-full of parmesan to the sauce.)

This rich "egg gravy" also makes a delish, rich meatless entree over toast.
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This sounds terrific and very rich, I really must give it a try some time soon, I love sauces! Of-course my favorite way to eat asparagus is to grill them! M-m-m-m asparagus:p good stuff anyway you fix it!!!
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Any way you put asparagus in front of me is my favorite!

Of late, my preferred method is to wrap the spears with serrano ham and then grill or broil them.
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All of the above sounds good but my favorite way to do asparagus is to blanch them then toss them in a dressing of Dijon, lemon juice, salt, pepper, capers and olive oil. I just love them with that tangy dressing, yum!
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Hi all,

i developed a recent passion for asparagus, hence i created few recipes in past months...

Risotto with asparagus
Risotto with asparagus and robiola
Paccheri bacon and asparagus
Pennette Asparagus and buffalo mozzarella

and my first cautious attempt, which was so successful that made me exploring...

Asparagus ou gratin

500g asparagus
200g sliced prosciutto crudo (parma ham)
400g mozzarella
extravirgin olive oil
black pepper

chop last 4-5 cm (about 2 inches) of the asparagus and boil them in salted water for 15-20 minutes.

take all the asparagus points left from the previous chopping and boil them in unsalted water for about 5-10 minutes (depend on the size of the asparagus), even better if you can steam them for 10 minutes instead of boiling.
oil the bottom of a bakery thin, and add some freshly grained pepper, lay all the asparagus point you steamed in the thin and cover it with the prosciutto's slices.
Slice thinly the mozzarella and put it as next layer on the prosciutto.
In order to easy your life you can group the asparagus in the baking thin by portion, it will be more easy to take them for serving.

Bake it at 200 degree for 10-15 minutes, the time the mozzarella melts and takes a nice color.

take now the asparagus tails we boiled for 20 minutes, put them in a food processor until they make a cream. If you want a gourmet result you can pass them in a strainer, it will filter out some fibres which may haven't been properly cut by the food processor.

Now it is time to serve:
pour on the dish a ladle of cream, and then lay on it a portion of asparagus point.

Buon Appetito!