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Hey Jeff,

How did your St. Patty's Day party turn out? I bet ya' all had a blast. Did your corned beef turn out good? How about photos, did you take a bunch?

My corned beef was a hit and it was so-so-so tender! Thanks for sharing your recipe!:)

 Posted By: The Ironic Chef 
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I'm thinking Jeff still needs a few more days of recovery time.
 Posted By: Jafo232 
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The party is TODAY. :) Whenever it falls on a Monday, Tues, Web, Thursday, we have the party on Saturday just because it is easier to get all the family and friends together..

I actually came here today to post status reports while I am still able lol..

We began "corning" the beef last Thursday.

Starting Tuesday we began making the Baily's cheesecakes making one a night.

Last night I made the Guinness Irish stew and three loaves of soda bread.

I got up at 8am and started the beer and Irish whiskey braised corned beef and put about 20 - 25 pounds of it in the oven. I still had about 5 - 10 pounds of the corned beef left over that just would not fit, so I decided to make pastrami with it in the smoker, so that is going too. :)

My aunt is making up some Golumpkis even though it isn't Irish, what the heck, it has meat and cabbage in it. :) She is also picking up some fresh baked rye bread and making some other snacks.

We have been straightening up the house and getting everything ready for the party. We expect between 40 - 70 people so it aught to be fun. :)

Party is starting around 3pm EST.. Will try to get some time to pop in and give status reports. :P
 Posted By: jfain 
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Sounds like a lot of fun Jaffo! I had my St Patty's dinner on the day so I only had about 10 people but it was still alot of fun. You just never know which way a party is going to turn. My friend was telling us how the man who is training her for her new job sounds like the Swedish Chef my husband didn't grow up with the muppets so he wondered what are we laughing about? bourk, bourk, bourk? Huh? he said? So we looked it up on utube well that gave us all an appetite for the muppets so now you have to imagine a table full of 30 somethings drinking beer and watching the muppets! It was a blast.

IC you would have felt right at home. :D
 Posted By: Jafo232 
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I always cook the cabbage separate, so just got that cut up on in the crockpot. Irish music blaring throughout the house.. Fun fun..