Posted By: Mama Mangia 
Aug 13  # 1 of 16
I don't know how you shop or how often, etc. but I do know that we stock up on goods all the time - especially in the winter months!

Since I spend so much at the grocery store (like who doesn't??) I feel that every grocery store should have "put-away clerks" who will come home with you after shopping and help you put away all your groceries!

That would free me up and give me more time for other things. For instance, while they are rotating canned goods, etc. in the pantry I could have my lettuce cleaned and washed, and my fresh parsley; the tops cuts off my radishes and carrots, etc. My fruit would be in the fruit bowl and the other fruit in the fridge. I could break done bonus packs of meat for the freezer as well.

I know that would be a real big help for me! Especially when I stock up for winter months!

And don't forget - those stinky little plastic bags don't hold much and they don't take weight - so I always end up with a ton of them - and they could take some of them back to the store for recycling!

Just a thought.......................
 Posted By: Twinmama 
Aug 15  # 2 of 16
Oh, definitely carry-inside-the-house clerks would be great!
 Posted By: aeiou 
Aug 15  # 3 of 16
Mama - What a great idea, someone to carry in your groceries for you and then put them away making sure to rotate the stock in the pantry and freezer/frig. Perhaps that would be a full service grocer. You could place your order over the web or via email and they would shop for you, deliver your groceries, and put them away. Interesting new business concept.
 Posted By: Mama Mangia 
Aug 15  # 4 of 16

aeiou - With my luck, having someone shop for me from the store - I would have the bread smashed in the bottom of the bag, the eggs would be cracked, the lettuce would be rusty, the tomatoes would be overripe, the cans would be dented, the meat would be on its last leg and the produce would be rotten. They would choose the most expensive items and probably shop out of the damaged goods cart!

I don't mind the shopping - its after it gets loaded in the car that gives you the workout!
 Posted By: oldbay 
Aug 15  # 5 of 16
Sounds nice but how would someone out of the blue know what you put where?