Posted By: tofumonkey 
Dec 13  # 1 of 17
Yes, it's garlic!

I love garlic and always put them in literally every dish i cook.
it's smells darn good when you brown them and brings out the flavour of your food. :)

how many ppl uses garlic frequently in their food here?
 Posted By: Mama Mangia 
Dec 14  # 2 of 17
I am a garlic person! Can't get enough of it! Always a large basket of it in the kitchen - and I make sure I keep it full just in case! LOL
 Posted By: phoenyxstarr 
Dec 15  # 3 of 17
I love garlic too. My mom says I have no reason to worry about vampires because I eat so much of the stuff. When I was little I even ate it plain, not added to anything. Or so my mom tells me, I don't remember doing that.
 Posted By: ButtrflyDreams 
Dec 18  # 4 of 17
I use garlic on everything! Garlic & parsley are the 2 main ingredients in pretty much everything I make. LOL
 Posted By: lcsamano 
Dec 18  # 5 of 17
I love garlic as well. We add it to almost all of our potato dishes and to our meats as a season. Between onions and garlic not sure what we eat the most.