Posted By: cinnamon 
Jan 14  # 1 of 44
I'm not meaning Folgers or Maxwell House. Instead I'm thinking of gourmet coffees. My favorites are:

Kona Coffee from Hawaii
Kenya AA Coffee

Sometimes I add a little Kahlua flavored syrup to enhance the flavor but with those two coffees the flavor is rich already.
 Posted By: cookingmasterboi 
Jan 14  # 2 of 44
Ha! I love Kona too! I also had these colombian beans from that I really loved. I forgot what they were called but they were one of the best tasting stand alone no creamer no anything, just straight from the coffeemaker coffees I've ever tasted. They were kind of sweet.
 Posted By: clara 
Jan 15  # 3 of 44
I love the strong flavor of our native coffee, Kapeng Barako (Liberica) and the different coffee blends sold in Coffee Beanery.
 Posted By: lcsamano 
Jan 15  # 4 of 44
Not really a coffee person but I do like just a simple folgers or nescafe. However, I am into Starbucks. If I could I would get their White Chocolate Mochas all day..LOL
 Posted By: sarahlorrain 
Jan 15  # 5 of 44
I don't ever try gourmet-type coffees, but I really should. I always mean to pick up something a little less mudane when I go to the store; maybe something for hubby and I to try on the weekend, but I never do. Maybe next time I go shopping.