Posted By: Raquelita 
Jul 8  # 1 of 23
What are your favorite/most used spices? Its interesting to hear what flavors people use in their cooking :).

Our top spices are Basil and Cinnamon.
 Posted By: Mama Mangia 
Jul 8  # 2 of 23
GARLIC!!! Parsley, marjoram, basil, fennel, paprika, cinnamon, chili powder, celery seed, grated lemon rind, sage, thyme - plus assorted others.:p
 Posted By: ainjel 
Jul 8  # 3 of 23
I have basil at all times but I actually don't like it.

There's ALWAYS cinnamon in my house. I love cinnamon. I put it on vanilla ice cream in heaps.

The other stuff we have at all times is oregano (a lot), cream of tartar, red pepper flakes, parsley, vanilla extract, thyme, garlic, onion, and whatever else happens to be left over from times where we needed something and don't normally use it.
 Posted By: Mrs. Chipotle 
Jul 9  # 4 of 23
Garlic, cumin, oregano, paprika, thyme, basil, cayenne pepper.
 Posted By: BagCSC 
Jul 10  # 5 of 23
The staples of my cooking are usually one or more of these:

Fresh Ground Sea Salt
Fresh Ground Peppercorns
Garlic Powder (for times when I dont have fresh garlic)
Onion salt (for times when real onions dont fit in)
Chili Powder
Curry Powder