Posted By: Barkely 
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Does anyone own a set of the Ronco knives they advertise in the infomercials, if so what do you think of them? I have thought about ordering them, but I didn't know if they were really as good as they say, or if it was just a scam.

What is a good brand of knives for someone who enjoys cooking, but is on a budget?
 Posted By: renkol 
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Hi there... I am curious to see how others respond to your post. I, too, was impressed by the Ronco knife commercial and ordered it right away.

First warning - when you call to order - you are told that when you buy one set, you get a second set free. HOWEVER, they charge you an extra $22 for shipping on the free item! They WOULD NOT allow me to "waive" my second free set. I didn't need it, and its not really free if they make me pay ANOTHER $22 to ship it. Well, you can't order it at all unless you pay the $22 shipping on the SECOND "FREE SET", so I had no choice. I bought it.

Second, they then try to sell you the knife block, which really... unless you buy it, where are you going to store these knives? I kind of thought they would come in a case or something, but they do not. The block was another $30 I think.... I first said no thanks cuz they wanted to charge yte another $11 to ship THAT. So they "waived" the shipping cost if I agreed to order the block, which I did. (SO DO NOT AGREE TO BUY THE BLOCK UNTIL THEY OFFER FREE SHIPPING ON IT)

The knives just came, but I bought this as a B-day gift, so I cannot use the knives to test them yet. However, for some reason, they packed one lone steak knife on top of the merchandise, so I opened the steak knife and cut a piece of summer sausage just to test it out.

1) I really didn't think it cut the sausage any better than any knife I ever used. It didnt exactly "cut like butter" or anything...

2) I will say you can tell the knife is solidly made. The handle is thick, as it the blade. I assume this would probably last awhile

I can't say the one steaknife I could use was better or worse than any other knife I've tried. All I can say is it is solidly made, but really doesn't seem any SHARPER. I am still debating whether to send it back.

HOWEVER - the website advertised by the infomercial would not work. I had to call to order. Now I can't find the website at all, and cannot even find a way to send this back if I want to. I am sure if I do, they will charge me yet another $43 to ship. I am still debating what to do.


I hope that helps you a little bit.
 Posted By: jglass 
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I bought these same knives months ago at Wal Mart on clearance for $10. I ended up throwing them out later and ordering a good set of chefs knives from JCPenneys. Good knives are a must have investment for the kitchen.
 Posted By: Cook Chatty Cathy 
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These info-mercials they make me mad! I never order from them, but reading this reminds me of Mom ordering the Ginsu Knives, what a rip-off that was.

I learned alot from watching my Mom, mainly how not to be a sucker for the darned TV!!! Poor trusting Mom!!! At least when you purchase something from a store you don't like you just take it back and get a refund, no paying postage and waiting for the refund for weeks on end.
 Posted By: jglass 
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Very good point Cathy.
I have fallen for the info-mercial more than once myself.