Posted By: DrPepper 
Jun 11  # 1 of 15
A peck measures 8 quarts.
 Posted By: spiceplace 
Jun 11  # 2 of 15
Hi DrPepper!
I think you're being a little too literal in this forums lead in text. But thanks for the answer.

Is that 2 gallons? It seems to me that the peck is a measurement of vegetables, like tomatos, green beans or lima beans. Come to think of it, those farm baskets are often peck sized, right? Do you know?
 Posted By: Bandaloop 
Jun 15  # 3 of 15
I think the farm baskets usually can be either half a peck or a full peck. A peck is about 2 gallons. It's a bit of a rough estimate because we're not dealing with liquid or grain. :)
 Posted By: oldbay 
Jun 16  # 4 of 15
So for all these years I've been buying by the peck at the farm stands and didn't know it.
 Posted By: rt49andellis 
Aug 30  # 5 of 15
A peck is how many you can grab and stick in your basket before the chickens get after you. Heheheeee