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...but of all the cooking I have done over the years- I really have never made much PUNCH! Recently I've been asked by TWO different folks how to make a killer punch for New Years Eve and also for a Wedding Recpetion. And I'm clueless! Any ideas? :rolleyes:
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My all-time favorite punch recipe

1 can Hi-C Fruit Punch
1 2 litre bottle Canada Dry Gingerale
1 large can of Pineapple Juice
1 Pint of Lime Sherbert

Get all the Juices and liquids well chilled, then place each in the punch bowl last adding the sherbert floating on top. You may also use cut up fruit on top of the punch, lemon & lime wedges. strawberries, etc. Really Yummy!!!!
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these are probably inappropriate if you are doing these for work, but thought you might like them for your files--

I used to make a champagne punch by chilling some cut up fruits in peach or apricot brandy, making an ice ring, When ready to serve put all that in punch bowl, pour in
750m of champagne and a liter of club soda.

here are some others, the mimosa chanpagne sounds really nice, click on Bombay Punch at the bottom of the page, boy, that's an oldie!!
Champagne Punch Recipes
Merry Christmas,
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Nan you have certainly got some great Punch ideas here, I like Punch that has a PUNCH:D
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1 16oz bottle chilled peach nectar
1 (750 ml) bottle of chilled sparkiling wine or 1 (2liter) bottle of ginger ale
Fresh raspberries for garnish

Fill each of six champagne flutes with 2 oz. peach nectar and 4 oz sparkling wine. Garnish with raspberries if desired. Serve immediately.

This is a great recipe for small, private dinners. Most punch recipes are for "crowds", and I find my foggy brain can't compute divisions as well as I used too:p