Posted By: Mama Mangia 
Jul 7  # 1 of 28
I'm taking it easy tonight -

philly steaks, fried onions, velveeta cheese, served on crusty rolls with oven fries and onion rings
 Posted By: Mrs. Chipotle 
Jul 7  # 2 of 28
It's a funny thing about philly steaks - Some say you can only use Cheez Whiz, some use Velveeta, some use provolone or some other white semisoft cheese.

And yet, everyone thinks their way is the ONLY way. Those sandwiches have quite the cult following, don't they?
 Posted By: Mama Mangia 
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I also like them with Monterey Jack and salsa; or Mozzarella with marinara!
 Posted By: DrPepper 
Jul 7  # 4 of 28
Cheez wiz and the meat needs to be the original philly cheesesteaks that are bought by the case as your local restaurant supplier. There is no other way. The original philly cheesesteak steaks aren't fatty and are the secret to the restaurant made subs. They come in a 10 pound pack, and it makes a lot of steak sandwiches.

We serve ours on submarine rolls, with cooked thinly sliced onions, cheese whiz, mushrooms, and the usual, LTM.
 Posted By: khartman 
Jul 7  # 5 of 28
I saw a show on PBS about the Philly cheesesteaks. It was really a show about sandwich places. They went to Philly for the cheesesteak, and Cheez Wiz was the secret that was revealed. That's what we've used ever since.

One vote for Cheez wiz!

Now, what about a Philly pretzel ;)