Posted By: gettingbetter 
May 30  # 1 of 16
Hi people :)

What's the hottest hot sauce you've ever had and where can I get it?
 Posted By: tinker 
Jun 15  # 2 of 16
I remember reading somewhere that the hottest hot sauce in the world is Blair's 6am Reserve. Like ten times hotter than Tabasco. I haven't seen it in my local shops, though. Surely, its available somewhere online.
 Posted By: Bandaloop 
Jun 15  # 3 of 16
I thought I was really into hot sauce and food before I went down to Jamaica. Right before I left I went into one of the local shops and asked for the hottest hot sauce they had. The guy pointed me to a bottle on one of the shelves and I said, "No, I want what you use." He told me I was crazy but after a while of prodding he went in back and brought out this jar filled with what looked like tar. Long story short, I tried it when I got home and thought I'd have to call an ambulance.

So for me, the place where you can get the hottest sauce is that little store in Jamaica.
 Posted By: khartman 
Jun 15  # 4 of 16
My brother in law loves Dave's Insanity Sauce. He says you needed to sign a release of injury waiver when you buy it. The bottle says to use by the half drop. Half of a drop is hard to measure.
 Posted By: tinker 
Jun 21  # 5 of 16
Quote wrote:
He says you needed to sign a release of injury waiver when you buy it.

An injury waiver? Boy that really must be hot. But most hot sauces have injury disclaimers on the labels anyway. :)