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Lebanese Stuffed Grape Leaves

This recipe has alot of prep. time involved so do it on day when you have lots of time to play in the kitchen! IT IS WORTH EVERY MOMENT YOU INVEST!!! I have never tasted anything so unique! And delicious! Kids love the chicken best of all!!! Even big kids!
Middle Eastern Cusine ROCKS!!!
Please note: You may substitute cabbage leaves if you can not find grape leaves.

1 Lb. Groundbeef
1/2 cup uncooked rice
1 jar of grape leaves or steamed fresh cabbage leaves
2 tsp. fresh sea salt & fresh ground pepper-or just plain table salt & pepper
1 tbsp ground cinnamon
1 whole chicken cut into parts
4 fresh lemons
1 8oz. container of plain yogurt

Clean chicken and place into dutch oven or large crock-pot. Sprinkle with 1/2 of salt & pepper and cinnamon.
Mix groundbeef, rice and remaining seasonings, set aside.
Prepare leaves...for grape leaves drain and rinse each leaf snipping off the the stem so you just have the leaf. Place into a pile on dry paper towel. OR
For cabbage clean individual leaves and steam IN BOINING WATER until they are pliable, you will need alot of leaves for wrapping the meat/rice mixture in so prepare a good many leaves.
Next take meat mixture and shape into small torpedo shaped meatballs place each meatball onto leaf and roll leaf tightly 2 flips, fold side flaps in and continue rolling tightly shut. Place each roll on top of the chicken pieces in cooking pot, when done with placing all the leaves into pot cover chicken and leaf wraps completley with water. place on lid and [for crock-pot cook all day on low] bring to boil, lower heat to med. and cook for 2 to 2 1/2 hours. To keep the rolls submerged in the liquid while cooking you may have to put a dinner plate on top of them until they are done cooking.
To serve remove stuffed leaves to serving platter using tongs, then squeeze fresh lemon juice over all. Then plate up the chicken pieces and squeeze fresh lemon juice over the chicken as well. Serve with lemon wedges [for adding more fresh squeezed juice] and plain yogurt for topping the stuffed leaves.
This meal goes well with a salad, and light oil and vinegar dressing!

A very tasty dish and we thank Cathy for sharing it with us all!
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Mama,Cathy, Thanks for the recipe it sounds good. Cookie :)
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Congrats on the Recipe of the Week Cathy !
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Here it is SarePear!
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Thanks for the recipe! Sounds great, my mom always made stuffed grape leaves. Also I AM Lebanese :D