Posted By: r8rpwr 
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I could not live without my Henckels Santoku knife. What about you?
 Posted By: ainjel 
Jul 2  # 2 of 31
I have no idea the brand that our knives our but my boyfriend has a nice chef's set from when he took a few culinary classes. I use the paring knife and the butcher's knife all the time. I'm horrible at sharpening them though so I just have him do that part. : )
 Posted By: peacherina 
Jul 2  # 3 of 31
Mine is the paring knife. That 's funny because I didnt know about the different knives until my husband got me a set too . :)
 Posted By: Raquelita 
Jul 2  # 4 of 31
I love our tomato knife. It's serrated and makes cutting them so easy.
 Posted By: spiceplace 
Jul 2  # 5 of 31
My favorite knife is the one pictured below. It's a thin and easy to sharpen knife that you have to get at an Asian market. Great for slicing potatoes thin, cucumbers, tomatoes, chicken and beef. The blade is about 9" long, and 2" high.

My next favorite knife is this Henckels cleaver. It's a dangerous knife and you could loose a finger. It is sharp and boy can in cut. The blade is about 7" long and 4" high. It's the newest of the bunch with a nice dishwasher safe handle.

The finale of my favorite knives is this heavy Asian meat cleaver. If you have something you want cut up, say chili meat, this sucker will do it. But keep one hand behind your back as it weighs about 2 pounds. No extra meat in the meat please! :) We hide is one away unless we need it as it is a scary knife.


Oh, I have one move favorite knife. It's a Betty Crocker sandwich knife. I don't have a picture but it's about 5" long, 3/4" high and is serrated and excellent for slicing sandwiches in half.