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Mar 15  # 21 of 25
After fighting the urge for 10 years, I finally bought a KitchenAid Mixer. I've had it for about a month now, and have to say I wish I had bought it 10 years ago. I've made some wonderful breads with it and when I have my recipes established will post them here. I keep a sourdough starter going and have made some delightful sourdough. My experiences with Rye are less than satisfactory. But I've made a couple batches of bagels that were a delight.

This week I got the food slicer, and food grinder attachments. I've made some nice cole slaw with the food slicer. Tonight I'm trying to make homemade pizza following Mama's Pizza Recipe.

If my cooking works I'll post a picture of the pizza here tomorrow! If not, I'll post when when I get it right :)
 Posted By: medako 
Mar 15  # 22 of 25
congrats on your new baby! :)
 Posted By: jglass 
Apr 22  # 23 of 25
Showtime Rotisserie
NuWave Oven
Stand Mixer
Cuisinart Panini Maker/Grill/Griddle
Ice Cream Maker
Bread Machine
Slow Cooker
Food Processor
Stick Blender
Convection Oven

My favorite kitchen item has got to be my salad spinner. I use it more than anything and could not live without it.
 Posted By: Big Daddy's Kitchen 
Aug 24  # 24 of 25
A lot. An awful lot!!!

Three stand mixers
Food Processor
Thane Flavor Wave Halogen Convenction Oven
Bread Machine
Rival BBQ Pit Crock Pot Slow Cooker
Slow Cooker
Grain Mill
Electric Food Grinder
Egg Cooker
George Jr. Rotisserie
Kenmore Toast N' Wave Microwave Oven
Portable Ice Maker
Self-Comtained Ice Cream Machine
Electric Knife
Waffle Baker
Pesto Multi Cooker
Presto Electric Griddle
Kenmore Compact Poertable Washer / Dryer (dryer is mounted on stack rack)
Emerilware Stainless Steel Cookware
Cast Iron Cookware
Stick Blender
Regular Blender
Food Dehydrator
Plus three crocks of cooking utensils.
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May 2  # 25 of 25
If it hasn't been used in two years, its yardsale material :)