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Since it's the fall apple season, this week the Recipe of the Week is a delicious apple recipe:

On October 1, 2006, Raquelita posted a deliciously sound breakfast recipe for Apple-Cinnamon Pancakes.


These cook and come out just like regular pancakes (bubbles and all) and have a delicious apple taste. Not too sweet. I simply served them with a little butter on top. It seems they'd be good with a little maple syrup on top too.

Raquelita's recipe calls for chopping up the apple really fine. I didn't grate that fine and simply grated the apple with my Kitchen-Aid grater attachment. That resulted in a 1/4" or so wide piece of apple similar to the grating from a hand grater. One good sized apple will give the required 1 cup of grated apple. Once the apple is cooked, it's soft and you won't notice the larger sized pieces (i.e. this isn't a potato pancake). Below is a picture of the pancakes cooking. If you look closely you can see the coarse grated apple in the batter.


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I bet you could top them with warm pecans in homage to the fluffy german kind.
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Great recipe! These are so good!
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Great recipe,oh
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:) These look like a must for Sunday morning breakfast! Apples and Cinnamon simply Yummy! I like the idea Cooker had of adding pecans.