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I've been in the kitchen all afternoon and am just sitting for a spell to catch my breath... I'm having an elderly Aunt & Uncle, a cousin (who I haven't seen in years) her new hubby, and two of her teenaged nieces to supper tonight and here's what we're having:
-Shrimp-Cocktail Cheese-Ball w/ Crackers
-Olives, Dill-Pickled Green Beans & Proscuitto-Wrapped Mango Slices

-Sliced Flank-Steak w/ Mushroom Saute
-Parsley-Boiled Red Potatoes
-Crunchy Broccoli/Bacon/Cashew Salad
-Sliced Garden Tomatoes
- Bakery Sun-Dried Tomato Sourdough Loaf

-Chocolate-Zucchini Bundt Cake w/ Ben & Jerry's Cinnamon Ice-Cream
(made TWO of the one I took to Sis's for cookout last night)

When I cook for family- I need to keep it simple with some variation of meat & potatoes... but as you can see, I try to do it up good with tastes they might not be completely used to- and offer a few things they likely have never tried before... for instance I doubt if Uncle Chuck has ever tasted mango, sun-dried tomatoes, or cinnamon ice-cream in his whole life- and the last time he had shrimp was pro'lly at someone's funeral! Ha! Plus- Aunt LaRue gave my Mom a chocolate-zuchini cake recipe years ago- maybe being served this will make her think we valued, appreciated and still use her recipe today- all these years later! (though admittedly- it's not her recipe!)
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Wow ! Sounds delish !except for the I was at a Dinner and there was a Dish that had Shrimp in it but they were not visible....looked great but I have to ask now what is in anything I eat since I am severely allergic to Shrimp and shellfish.
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Sounds yummy Kevin!

Eddie baked us a chicken which is his signature dish and oh my Gosh is it ever delicious, that man has it down pat!!!

I made mashed potatoes and we had sliced avacados for a veggie and my homemade yeast rolls:p Finger lickin' good and I am stuffed:o
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Yummy Cath! Eddie's chicken sounds fantastic! Man- is there anything hotter than a guy who cooks- and WILL? Ha! Oh- maybe it's one who will ALSO do the dishes!

I had a great night with my company. Supper was a hit. The only "mistake" I made was putting cashews in the broccoli salad. Shoulda used smaller pecans or walnuts as the large cashews appeared to be problematic for Aunt LaRue's dentures! It was great to see them all- I hadn't seen my cousin Patty in pro'lly 15 years!
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We had Hot Dogs With Mustard, Relish, Tomato, and a pinch of salt. With Garlic French Fries. What can I say it's Monday! Cookie :)