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Recipe: Bracciola Steak Roll-Italian Style

Recipes using McCormick Garlic Salt

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2-3 lbs lean beef
Chopped parsley
Eggs, hard boiled
Flat anchovies (optional)
Garlic Salt
Grated Parmesan cheese
Basic spaghetti sauce

Slice beef (top sirloin, flank, or other) as thin as the butcher can slice (slices will vary in size and shape). Spread meat slices on waxed paper and layer with parsley, onions, eggs, raisins, and anchovies (optional). Sprinkle with garlic salt (light) and Parmesan cheese. Be generous but don't fill slices too full to roll. Roll slices, tuck sides in, and close with mini skewers or tie with string. Coat skillet with non stick cooking oil and brown meat rolls. Remove and immerse in basic spaghetti sauce. Simmer until meat is tender (an hour or two). Remove skewers and/or string. Serve with pasta of your choice. Make a bigger portion, they are great days later as the flavor melds into the meat.

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