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Compact Fluorescent Indoor Floodlamp

Soft White 15 watt CFL uses 1/4 power of standard R-30 reflector

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Compact Fluorescent Indoor Floodlight 3 pack

These compact fluorescent indoor floodlights use less than 1/4 of the power of standard incandescent floodlamps, and last 4 times longer. So they both save energy costs, and relamping time.

Each of these compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) will last about 5 years 4 months with normal 4 hour a day consumer use. So this package contains about 16 years of light.

These CFL lamps replace standard R-30 65 watt bulbs. CFLs have a small compact size, produce 720 lumens of light, and have electronic flicker-free ballasts for fast starts. This package of compact fluorescent lamps can save you over $120.00 in electricity costs over their lifetime. For commercial usage there is additional savings in labor costs associated with relamping bulbs because of the long lifetime of these CFL lamps.

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These compact fluorescent lamps are Energy Star rated. Besides saving electricity, these bulbs may help reduce the related emission of green house gases relating to the electricity generating facility supplying your energy need. Each compact fluorescent bulb can save more than 400 pounds of carbon dioxide over it's lifetime, so this package of 3 compact fluorescent lamps could reduce your greenhouse gas footprint by 1,200 pounds. The reduction of greenhouse gases relates to fossil fuel source used by electric power plants.

From the US Government Energy Star CFL Website:

If every household in the U.S. replaced one light bulb with an ENERGY STAR qualified compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL), it would prevent enough pollution to equal removing one million cars from the road. CFLs provide high-quality light, smart technology, and design, requiring less energy while lasting longer than typical incandescent bulbs.
General Electric Item Code: 28909
Gross Weight: 2.30 lbs.
UPC Code: 43168 28909
GTIN 12: 043168289092
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