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Recipe: Lacy Shrimp Tempura

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  1. Remove shell and clean shrimps, leaving tail on.
  2. Slice part way through the back and wash out black veins.
  3. Lay on board and flatten shrimp then sprinkle salt lightly on them.
  4. Make batter by adding water to rest of ingredients and mix well with fingers.
  5. Heat oil in deep pan.
  6. With fingers, lightly sprinkle a little batter on top of hot oil.
  7. Working rapidly, repeat several times to form a lacy background.
  8. Dip 3 to 4 shrimps in batter and lay them on frying batter.
  9. Sprinkle more batter on top.
  10. Cook one minute and turn; cook until brown.
  11. Drain on paper towel and serve hot with sauce made with grated daikon seasoned with soy sauce and Accent.
    You may use left over batter to make Tempura string beans or carrots and follow the directions above.

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