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Recipe: Vicious Knishes

Recipes using McCormick Mediterranean Sea Salt

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Mix melted spry, water, salt and unsifted flour, and divide into four sections. Cover and set aside. Saute sliced onions in oil till transparent. Season well. Boil the potatoes (not too well done), Then mash potatoes. Salt and pepper to taste. Add onions. Season again.

When potato mixture is cool enough to handle continue with next step. Flour board. Roll out section of dough into a circle. Oil the dough. Place potato mixture around edge. Turn and roll in edges till big donut is formed. Break center of circle open and continue to roll up all dough. To cut into sections use heel of hand dipped in flour to break into pieces, or use knife dipped in flour.

Oil tops of each or brush with beaten egg yolk. Oil cookie sheets. Bake 350° F 25 to 30 minutes. (May be frozen and baked till brown when needed.)

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