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Recipe: Vietnamese Beef Pho Soup

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  1. Place beef bones in large crock pot
  2. Push 2 star anise into whole onion. Holding onion with a large fork, brown onion over hot burner until onion starts to brown turning frequently to cook even.
  3. Add sliced onion, ginger, 3 star anise, and stick cinnamon. Top with whole onion, and add water to cover.
  4. Turn crock pot on high until water starts to boil, then reduce to low, and cook for at least 4, but no more than 8 hours.
  5. Strain broth with colandar into a large pot. If further clarification is desired, strain a second time through cheese cloth.
  6. Remove marrow from bones, and add to broth.
  7. Add fish sauce to broth.
  8. Cook pho noodles quickly in pot of boiling water by placing noodles in mesh strainer, and placing strainer into a 2 quart pot of boiling water. These fine noodles cook in less than a minute.
  9. Assemble soup in bowl by adding beef to bowl first, then adding broth, leaving room in bowl to an the accompaniments.
  10. Serve the accompaniments with soup so individuals can add as desired.
Variation: Substitute for beef (or add in addition to beef) Vietnamese meat balls.

Chicken Pho Soup: Substitute chicken carcass for beef bones, and cubed cooked boneless chicken breast for beef.

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