About Crushed Red Pepper

About Crushed Red Pepper

 About Crushed Red Pepper

About Crushed Red Pepper
Some like their food sweet. Some like theirs salty. Some like it hot. If you’re one of those who belong to the latter though, then there’s only one herb to pick up at once. This herb is everything you need to achieve that all time spice. It’s not expensive. It’s not rare. But it really is hot and delicious.

Enter crushed chili pepper.

This is the generic ingredient for anything hot and spicy. From Asia to America, this feisty ingredient has earned its reputation as a leader in heating things up in the kitchen. Where there's this pepper, there will certainly be a smoking hot dish. Even the littlest amount of crushed red pepper is enough to make you teary eyed with hot tasting delight.

Crushed Red pepper comes from the pepper plant. It is a short plant which stands on thin stems. It is grown in most areas of the world, together with other kinds of peppers. Pepper is the fruit which comes from the flower of these plants. Different elements cause the differences between the kinds of pepper. From red, to bell to green… this spicy family certainly has a lot of members under its roof.

The plant itself is used for various purposes. Its roots are sometimes boiled to produce ales for farmers. The leaves are integrated to some dishes as well, particularly those which use fish and chicken. Pepper leaves has the ability to wash put the unique stench such kinds of meat exude. However, the most popular part of the plant is the pepper fruit itself. Red pepper is often used as an added ingredient most other seasoning for that zinging flair of flavor.

Red pepper can be used whether it's dry or fresh. If you prefer the latter, the whole process will be way easier. All you've got to do is pick up some fresh peppers and grind them on the kern or any container you may have. After having crushed it, you can store in your refrigerator or seasoning cabinets. Unlike most other herbs and spices, crushed red pepper is very tolerant to the natural conditions around it. It won't spoil no matter how hot the surrounding temperature may. It also won't loose its natural zing due to the cold.

Dried chili pepper on the other hand is the hotter variant of the two. You see, fresh red pepper still has water in it. As such, the spiciness is lessened. Once dried though, the red pepper is left with just its seeds and its oils. This paves way for the purest form of red pepper. Once crushed and served, the person who'll eat it must certainly be ready for tongue scorching action. Many people from all over the world have suffered the torment of eating dried red pepper accidentally.

Red pepper is also used as a clincher for most foods. Some sweet dishes actually rely on single whole red peppers. As you may well know, too much sweetness can also be a bad thing when it comes to food. Such, red pepper is served to be bitten and eaten whenever the sugary tastes seem to reach overpowering levels. When the heat seeps your mouth, you will then go back to finishing up the cakes or sweets you left behind.

Due to its taste, red pepper has been primarily patronized by those of the adult population. Kids often do not have what it takes to taste the delicacy beneath the spice. However, prudent amount of crushed red pepper per serving is always advised. Unlike sugar or coriander, too much pepper can actually cause a lot of trouble. The taste of chili can make your heart beat faster, your skin sweat and your nasal tract decongest all at the same time. These suggest that the body's reaction to this ingredient is quite volatile. As such, too much of it can cause literal pain. Scorched tongues are literal effects of this ingredient. Some even faint due to the strength of this spice. This is the very reason why rep pepper is often kept out of reach of children.

Speaking of children, red pepper extract is also used to teach some kids a lesson. The spice level of the red pepper is too high, that it’s enough to traumatize some children out of eating the foods they once loved. Some cultures apply red pepper on feeding bottle nipples to force their toddlers out of bottled feeding. Others glaze junk food and candies with spicy extracts. That's how powerful red pepper really is.

In most cultures, red pepper is associated with sensuality and passion, and for good reason. Although it is the opposite of chocolate, crushed red pepper also serves as a formidable aphrodisiac. The amount of heat it instills in the body makes the person boil inside, in terms of temperatures. As such, it was rumored that too much of this spice can turn out as everything nice in bed. This legendary characteristic even earned the Mexicans, the Spanish and the Latin as the most passionate lovers of the world. And to think that it all began with just one ingredient! That makes the story even more fascinating doesn't it?

All these came to life because crushed red pepper is very imminent in almost every Latin dish you discover. From salsas to sauces, every dish just seems to be an excuse for these passionate races to use this herb. And, for good reason. The sultry taste and scorching hot flavors are the trademarks which their cuisines stand upon. Without it, their food may just be like everything else in the world.

These are all you need to know about serving, eating and enjoying red hot chili peppers. Next time you want to heat things up in your kitchen, you might just want to resort to this. This will give you an unforgettable delight. Remember, for passion food which zing, sting and still taste good, there can only be one. There can only be crushed red peppers.

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