About Oregano

About Oregano

 About Oregano

Why Use Oregano?

Oregano is a common household herb but most of the people who use oregano for their dishes do not really know that Oregano is much more than the ground herb they can get in supermarkets. City dwellers probably do not know what fresh oregano tastes like or what that tangy flavor in their dish could be.

“Joy of the Mountains” is another name that refers to this herb that can reach as high as eighty centimeters tall and which perennially grows in some parts of Asia and in the Mediterranean countries. The name is in fact a Greek translation that makes oregano more Greek than Italian.

The word herb usually refers to a plant that can be used in food preparation, in the manufacture of cosmetics and even in the formulation of medicine. The leaves, flowers and even seeds of an herb can be used for the kitchen and for health purposes.

Oregano is one among several herbs that are commonly used in the kitchen especially when cooking Italian and Greek dishes. Dried oregano leaves are widely available in supermarkets and the dried leaves even have better flavor than the fresh leaves.

Like most herbs, oreganos are made available to a greater number of people conveniently by drying them and then bottling them. Dried oregano comes in bottles with different brands but they really contain almost the same type of dried oregano leaves. Urban dwellers will probably be more knowledgeable of bottled than fresh oreganos.

There are many kinds of oregano including Italian oregano, Greek oregano or Spanish thyme and Syrian oregano.

The use of Oregano when cooking Italian dishes is a must especially when cooking pasta with plenty of tomato sauce. It is also used often enough with basil for that fresh Italian-smelling dishes. It is a favorite among chefs who are partial to spicy cuisines. International chefs are well-known for using herbs in their cuisines and you can be assured that oregano is one of those herbs that are frequently used by these chefs.

Did you know that while oregano is widely used in Italian dishes, the herb was developed in Greece when it was used by landowners to feed their cows. It is said that cows that grazed and ate in oregano fields have better tasting meat. Have you noticed the bridal crown given to Greek brides in their garden weddings? The crown wreath is actually made of oregano because it is a symbol of love for the Greeks.

Very good oregano is said to have a very strong taste and flavor that it almost takes away the sensation of the tongue. Oregano herbs grown in cold areas are said to have somehow lost their flavor as compared to those grown in areas with warm climates.

A cook who does not have oregano in the kitchen can substitute the herb with marjoram although it has a slightly different taste. People are in fact confused over oregano and marjoram and use the names interchangeably. This is understandable because they have the same species which is origanum.

Among the food recipes commonly known to be flavored with oregano is pizza. Most pizza makers use oregano to bring out the flavor of the other ingredients use in pizza like mushrooms, sausage, meat, artichokes and many others.

Have you tried eating that old American favorite known as chili con carne? It is made up of grounded meat with beans and relished with hot sauce and what else, but oregano.

Oregano has become so famous as a kitchen herb that most people do not know that is also effective as an herbal medicine. In fact, oregano’s high phenolic acid content makes it an antioxidant and a good ingredient in preserving food. Both marjoram and oregano have high antioxidant levels when ingested fresh.

Oregano can be taken regularly to help in the digestion process. Its leaves can even be boiled and the steam inhaled to cure bronchial problems. Oregano contains ingredients that help in releasing phlegm and relieving coughs.

If you have not yet seen a fresh oregano plant then it looks just like marijuana leaves. Chili or hot sauce in power form contains Mexican oregano but the most commonly used oregano particularly for pasta dishes is the Greek oregano

Anyone who wants to grow oregano can grow them in pots but make sure they have sufficient sunlight. Oregano grows well when placed in soil with dry condition. An oregano potted plant can be placed in attractive pots and placed as decoration in the kitchen because it has very nice purple flowers. By placing the oregano pot in the kitchen, you will also be encouraged to use them more often in preparing your meals.

Try growing you own oregano and place them in pots near or in the kitchen. Oregano can also be placed in attractive pots and can be given away as gifts during the Christmas season or on other special occasions. Giving oregano plants as gifts can endear you to the receiver’s heart because this herb is really very useful and is very healthy.

If you are living in areas with plenty of sunlight and with a dry weather then you are lucky because you can propagate oreganos effortlessly. You can even start growing oreganos as a business. You can sell them to your neighbors as fresh or dried oregano leaves or you can sell them in pots.

Whichever way, planting oregano will definitely be an advantage for you not only financially if you decide to go into business but also physically and healthfully because it will keep you free of the common illnesses that commonly hound people like colds and coughs. You can even use the oregano pots as decoration n9ot only inside but also outside the house as the attractive flowers can give your house that loving touch.

When it comes to choosing which among the common herbs to grow in your garden or inside the house, opt for oreganos. They are sure winners that will keep your palate contented and your body healthier.

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