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Required  one or more keywords/phrases.

Matching Basics - All Word Match
Keywords you supply must be present in each product for a match to occur. This is the basic behavior and will work well in most cases without using the advanced tools described below.

Advanced Search Tips - Using Add/Or and Phrase Match
Basic Search should find what you want, yet you may also supply the commands AND, OR or a Quoted Phrase to finely control matching on Product Name, Description and Manufacturer Name. Supply quotes around words to group words to perform a phrase match.

Using AND
You can supply McCormick AND Pepper. This search will match products that have both the words 'McCormick' and 'Pepper' in them.

Using OR
If you supply McCormick OR Pepper, the search will match products that have either words of the words 'McCormick' or 'Pepper' in them (including both words).

Phrase Match by Quoting Content
You can also search for exact matches of words by enclosing the words in quotes. For example, if you search for "McCormick Oregano", you will get a list of products that have that exact string of words and in the order supplied.

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