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 Tones Pure Vanilla Extract 16oz 473ml

Recipe: Egg Nog Pie

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  1. Soak gelatin in cold water.
  2. Scald milk in top of double boiler.
  3. Combine sugar, cornstarch, and salt. Mix well.
  4. Add sugar mixture to scalded milk and cook until thick and smooth.
  5. Continue cooking for 15 more minutes.
  6. Stir a small amount of mixture into beaten egg yolks and return to bioler. Cook a few minutes longer.
  7. Add butter and gelatin, then stir.
  8. Allow to cool.
  9. Add vanilla, then fold in whipped cream.
  10. Pour into the baked shell, and sprinkle top generously with nutmeg.
  11. Refrigerate until ready to serve.
  12. When serving, top with whipped cream

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