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Spatini Spaghetti Sauce Mix 15oz 425g Reviews

  Spatini Spaghetti Sauce Mix 15oz 425g Reviews

Product: Spatini Spaghetti Sauce Mix 15oz 425g
From: Peggy B. - Nazareth, Pennsylvania
Date: Fri 29 Jan 2010
 Spatini Spaghetti Sauce Mix 15oz 425g
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When I learned that my local supermarkets were not going to carry Spatini, my heart sank! So I began
my quest to find it - somewhere! Life without Spatini? No chance. Then my sister-in-law heard about
Spiceplace and that I could get it there. Hallelujah! As a kid, my mother always made our spaghetti sauce
with Spatini, so I was confident of the quality. Then I was introduced to it used as a veggie dip. Wow! I
have now used it as a veggie dip for 25 years. I can't describe how elated I was when I received my first
shipment. Everybody loves my dip and are very surprised when I tell them what it is. Please, don't ever
cease its production.

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