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Sa Co Non Fat Dry Milk 4.4lbs 2kg

Excellent source of Calcium - Fat Free

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Sa Co Non Fat Dry Milk 4.4lbs 2kg

Instant Non Fat Dry Milk fortified with vitamins A & D

One of nature's most perfect foods....Saco Mix n' Drink...Real Skim Milk. and only 80 calories per 8oz serving

Mix' n Drink is one of the best food sources of calcium there is!....with virtually half the calories, none of the fat, and all of the naturally-good, dairy-fresh flavor and nutrition of fresh, whole milk!

Choose Mix' n Drink to:

  • Increase calcium - Teen and adult women never outgrow their need for calcium, and Mix' n Drink is a rich source of calcium to help build and maintain healthier bones! Regular exercise and a healthy diet rich in calcium reduce their high risk of osteoporosis later in life.
  • Lose fat and calories - A glass of Mix' n Drink has about half the calories of whole milk...reduced from 150 to 80 calories!
  • Add more to meals - Sprinkle dry Mix' n Drink right into your favorite recipes to make them more flavorful and nutritious. Try adding to your favorite soups, sauces, gravies, casseroles, mashed potatoes, meat loaf, breaded meats and fish, and dairy products!
  • Mix' n Drink, a natural for cooking and baking - Practically anything you can make or bake with liquid whole milk is made lower in calories and lower in fat by substituting Mix' n Drink in the recipe! In cooking, in baking, on cereal - it's a great way to lighten up.

Directions for mixing:

  1. Pour 3 3/4 cups of cold water in a quart (or larger) glass container.
  2. Add 3.2 ounces (about 1 1/3 cups) Saco Mix' n Drink Instant Non Fat Dry Milk.
  3. Stir until dissolved.
  4. Chill thoroughly before serving.  To enhance the full 'dairy fresh', flavor of Saco Mix' n Drink Non Fat Dry Milk, cover and store in refrigerator overnight before serving.

Other Mix' n Drink tips:

  • To make 1 cup liquid milk for cooking or baking, add 1/3 cup Saco Mix' n Drink Non Fat Dry Milk to 8 ounces (1 cup) water. Stir until dissolved.
  • For richer, whole milk flavor, mix equal parts liquid Saco Mix' n Drink Non Fat Dry Milk and whole milk.
  • For a more nutritious, richer beverage, use less water or add 1/3 cup more Saco Mix' n Drink Non Fat Dry Milk per quart.
  • Dry Saco Mix' n Drink Non Fat Dry Milk require no refrigeration. It's economical, healthy, and convenient. Store on your pantry shelf. Keep cool and dry!
  • For cooking, use liquid (not dry) Saco Mix' n Drink Non Fat Dry Milk whenever milk is called for. No special conversions are needed! Saco Mix' n Drink Non Fat Dry Milk tastes great in all kinds of recipes and offers virtually half the calories, none of the fat, and all of the goodness of fresh, whole milk!

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