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Durkee White Pepper

White Pepper is light in color and has same taste as black pepper

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Durkee White Pepper, Ground, 17oz 482g

Durkee White Pepper - Pimenta Blanca Molida

White pepper comes from the berries of same plant as black pepper. The berries are soaked in water for a long period of time to remove the husk from the peppercorn. The berries are then dried before grinding. Use to season light colored foods such as chowders, mashed potatoes, fish, chicken, and white sauces. The white pepper will blend into the coloring of the food so there will be no 'black specks'. White Pepper is often used in asian cooking.

Ingredients: Ground White Pepper. 

Net Weight: 17oz 482g

UPC Code: 47600 54750
GTIN 12: 04760054750

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