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McCormick Coriander, Roasted 14.25oz 433g

Roasted Spices offer Rubust Flavor - Right out of the Bottle

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McCormick Coriander, Roasted 14.25oz 433g

McCormick Roasted Ground Coriander Seed has a richer flavor than standard Ground Coriander Seed.

Coriander Seed comes from an ancient plant that has been used in seasoning food for centuries. Coriander and is said to be the color of manna (the bread from heaven). Coriander comes from the Mediterranean basin and it has a slight lemon flavor. Roasted Coriander has a more robust flavor, aroma, and color than ground coriander. McCormick's Roasted Coriander makes the use of Roasted Spices simple and easy to do. There's no need to spend time and energy roasting your own. Simply open up a bottle of McCormick Roasted Spices and enjoy flavorful dishes with consistent taste and aroma.

Use Roasted Coriander with sweet or savory dishes. Coriander has a distinctly citrusy and musty aroma. Its flavor is described as being minty, sweet, and citrus-like. Coriander is produced from the dried, ripe fruit of the herb Coriandum sativum. The herb Coriandum sativum is of the parsley family and, so, Coriander is related to other herbs such as caraway, anise, fennel, and cumin.

To season with Roasted Coriander:
Add 1/2 to 1 teaspoon ground Roasted Coriander to ground beef, chicken or fish.
Use 1/4 teaspoon ground roasted coriander for 9-inch apple pie or 2 cups rice pilaf

Ingredients: Ground Roasted Coriander Seed. Circle U

Net Weight: 14.25oz 433g

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