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McCormick Black Pepper, Cracked 5lbs 2.26kg

Price: $77.95USD

McCormick Black Pepper, Cracked 5lbs 2.26kg

Black Pepper is obtained from the small, dried berry of a woody, perennial, evergreen climbing vine, Piper nigrum. Black Pepper has a sharp, penetrating aroma and a characteristic woody, piney flavor. It is hot and biting to taste.

Usage Tips for McCormick Cracked Black Pepper
Rub on 2 to 4 teaspoons Cracked Pepper per 1 pound steak, roast or chops before cooking.

Net Weight: 5lbs 2.26kg Circle U

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McCormick Item Code: 932389
Gross Weight: 5.40 lbs.
UPC Code: 52100 32389
GTIN 12: 052100323893
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Sizes of "Pepper, Black Cracked 5#" Available
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 McCormick Black Pepper, Cracked 16oz 453g 
 McCormick Black Pepper, Cracked 5lbs 2.26kg 
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