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McCormick Unseasoned Meat Tenderizer 35oz 992g

No MSG Added

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McCormick Meat Tenderizer, Unseasoned 35oz 992g

Unseasoned Meat Tenderizer has no flavor and is a blend of salt, dextrose, bromelain (tenderizer derived from pineapple), and calcium silicate (added to make free flowing).

McCormick Meat Tenderizers contain bromelain, an enzyme that breaks down tissue. The enzyme action stops only when heated so tenderizers must always be used prior to cooking. If tenderizer is left on meat too long before cooking, meats will become mushy. Freezing will not completely stop the enzyme action.

McCormick Meat Tenderizers are used for less tender cuts of meat. Just before cooking, moisten surface of meat with water; sprinkle evenly with McCormick Unseasoned Meat Tenderizer using 1 teaspoon per pound of meat. Pierce the surface of the meat with the tines of a fork for better penetration into the meat. For thicker cuts of meat, sprinkle with tenderizer and let stand 30 minutes before cooking.

Another use for Unseasoned Meat Tenderizer is to relieve the pain caused by bees, wasps, jellyfish, and coral. Mix the McCormick Meat Tenderizer with water and put the paste on the painful spot.

Ingredients: Salt, Dextrose, Bromelain and Calcium Silicate (Added To Make Free Flowing. Circle U

Net Weight: 35oz 992g

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McCormick Meat Tenderizer, Unseasoned
 Nutrition Facts
 Serving Size: 1/4 tsp (1.1g)
 Servings Per Container: About 902
 Spice Place
 Amount Per Serving
 Calories 0  Calories From Fat 0 
 % Daily Value* 
 Total Fat 0g   0% 
 Sodium 400mg  17% 
 Total Carb 0g  0% 
 Protein 0g  
 Spice Place 
*Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 
 calorie daily diet. Your daily values may be higher 
 or lower based on your calorie needs.
McCormick Item Code: 932439
Gross Weight: 2.50 lbs.
UPC Code: 52100 30276
GTIN 12: 052100302768

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 McCormick Meat Tenderizer, Unseasoned 35oz 992g 
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